How Much Education is Required for Photography? Hint: It's less than you'd think.

The hiring trend among photography careers is expected to grow through 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. More people are interested in the field because the digital revolution has made the equipment easy to obtain. Though there are no educational requirements to become a professional photographer, several genres require specialized training.

Freelance Photography

You can be a professional freelance photographer if you take pictures that people are willing to buy. Maintaining a portfolio of your very best work by infusing your pictures with creativity should create a steady stream of clients and opportunities. As a freelancer you’ll also be a small business owner. A master’s degree in photography will prepare you for all the aspects of business. It covers advertising, and photojournalism, and provides a compete skill set for you to become a successful small business owner. Several art institutes, such as the Art Institute in Pittsburgh, offer photography courses online.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photographers take pictures of different subjects, such as buildings, cars or landscapes, for media or advertising outlets. Commercial photographers typically have a degree in commercial photography or an advertising degree with a minor in photography. Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, is a well known college for commercial photography. Photography or an advertising degree with a minor in photography.

Scientific Photography

Scientific photographers take pictures to record medical data or science phenomena. This genre requires a degree in science with knowledge of medicine and a proficiency in photography.

Forensic Photography

Forensic photography is different than other aspects of photography because it isn’t artistic. Forensics is used to solve crimes. A forensic photographer has to present an accurate and meticulous rendition of the crime scene to the judge and jury. He may also be called upon to give expert testimony, so communication skills are necessary. Forensic photographers study forensic science and, generally, pursue a degree in criminology. Having a proficiency in photography is critical. Loyola University undergraduate program, featuring forensic psychology and crime scene processing.

News Photography

News photographers or photo journalists take pictures of newsworthy people, places and events. You’ll need a degree in journalism or mass communications and ability to take good pictures. Writing ability helps, too.



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