How Do I Find That Perfect Technology Job? And not lose my mind doing it!

Despite outsourcing, technology-related positions such as information technology, engineering and biotech are expected to rebound within the next decade, according to NPR. On the other hand, the technology sector job growth for 2010 doesn’t look as good. The tech-savvy candidate may need to work extra hard to find that new job in the early years of this next decade. Fortunately, there are quite a number of resources to help the tech professional find a new job.

Step 1

Utilize is a career hub for technology positions. Their technology job board contains jobs in information technology, software, biotech, security, high-tech and others. contains other resources for the technology candidate such as resume advice, career news and a job discussion forum.

Step 2

Access the website This employment site portal is for those tech professionals that specialize in computers and information technology. Job listings are provided and candidates can upload their resume for free.

Step 3

Register at RentACoder is a tech marketplace that brings programmers and people needing programmers together. If you are able to provide custom software solutions, this site may be a good fit for you. Many of the opportunities found here are freelancing arrangements that sometimes offer telecommuting options.

Step 4

Contact recruiters. Seek out recruiters in the technology field. Call them and discuss your experience to see if they have any listings that would be a good fit.

Step 5

Join a professional association. By joining a professional association such as the Association of Information Technology Professional (AITP), you may be able to network with current professional to obtain job leads, recommendations and referrals.

Step 6

Network with friends. It is often said that people get jobs from who they know versus what they know. Don’t forget about this important free resource. Tell your trusted friends that you are looking for a high tech job.

Step 7

Use professional networking sites. Social networking sites are the rave these days, and professional networking sites are becoming more popular among career-minded candidates. By utilizing a site such as LinkedIn, you can contact people you have known in the past to network for job prospects. LinkedIn Corporation states that over 55 million people use their site.


  • Check out the best and worst cities for high-paying tech jobs according to They may not be the cities that you think.


  • If you decide to go with a recruiter or staffing agency, be sure you fully understand the fees.



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