Backpacking and Backcountry Skiing Go Hand-In-Hand Karhu XCD GT Cross Country Skis Review

Backcountry skiing and backpacking typically go hand-in-hand, especially if you’re spending a significant amount of time in the backcountry. The Karhu XCD GT backcountry skis are designed specifically for backcountry travel with full metal edging for touring and carving. The best way to transport the Karhu skis in the backcountry is via a backpack that accommodates skis. Ordinary backpacks won’t have appropriate strapping to secure skis while traversing dense forested areas around slopes. Certain “ski-friendly” backpacks have strapping on the side making transporting skis them much easier.

Step 1

Unbuckle or loosen the upper straps located on the sides of the backpack. All models will differ slightly, so consult your backpack owner’s manual for proper strap adjustment.

Step 2

Slide the ski’s back end into the lower side strap. Generally the lower straps aren’t adjustable. Slide it in starting above the strap, then push down till the strap meets the ski binding.

Step 3

Fasten the upper strap back over the ski, above the binding, and cinch it in place tightly. Repeat with the other ski on the opposite side of the backpack.

Step 4

Put your pack on and have fun backpacking and skiing.


  • The Deuter Guide series backpacks and Arctyrex packs are designed for ski transport.


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